on the road again

This journeying girl is taking to the highways again.  She’s packing her bags: sunscreen? check. running shoes? check.  sunglasses? check.  She’s saying goodbye to some of her favorite places, things, and people in Portland — at least for a little while.  Goodbye Bipartisan cafe!  Goodbye Powells!  Goodbye Gold Door!  Goodbye Academy Theater! But the journeying … Continue reading

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american nomad types

I’ve been watching people lately and thinking of the different types of nomads there are.  Here’s some types I’ve run across… 1. Military 2. Clergy… some denominations more than others have pastors who move every few years 3. Servers… many now travel across the U.S. working in major cities picking up work wherever they need … Continue reading

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buy (less) crap!

This article over at New Internationalist got me all up in arms about this issue.  (RED)TM herring ‘Capitalism failing to help the world’s poorest people AGAIN then, Bono?’ Red faces all round, report Corporate Watch, at the revelation that Bono’s celebrity-backed ‘Product Red’ campaign spent $100 million on promotion and only brought in $18 million for charity … Continue reading