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Engaging Scripture

Scripture use is… the Jesus film video shorts bible studies silk-screened t-shirts audio cassettes radio programs hymns and worship songs healthy living brochures doing trauma healing workshops bible storying for oral cultures making Scripture relevant telling Bible stories to kids Bible picture books Bible study aids Scripture use is seeing the words of God do … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on what it means to be a missionary

First of all, there’s the stereotype: Then there’s the fact that I grew up there that maybe-sorta-kinda complicates the whole thing: (sorry for the cheese factor) But aside from some of the glorification and/or denigration of missionaries in the past, here’s a pretty good description of what I think it means to live like a … Continue reading

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american nomad types

I’ve been watching people lately and thinking of the different types of nomads there are.  Here’s some types I’ve run across… 1. Military 2. Clergy… some denominations more than others have pastors who move every few years 3. Servers… many now travel across the U.S. working in major cities picking up work wherever they need … Continue reading