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Engaging Scripture

Scripture use is… the Jesus film video shorts bible studies silk-screened t-shirts audio cassettes radio programs hymns and worship songs healthy living brochures doing trauma healing workshops bible storying for oral cultures making Scripture relevant telling Bible stories to kids Bible picture books Bible study aids Scripture use is seeing the words of God do … Continue reading

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Third-culture kid

This quote comes from David Ignatius’ column from The Washington Post.  He’s talking about Barack Obama and his identity as a third-culture kid. “Third-culture kids learn how to make their way in unfamiliar surroundings.  The late Ruth Hill Useem, a former Michigan State sociologist who studied them for decades, explained, ‘They adapt, they find niches, … Continue reading

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buy (less) crap!

This article over at New Internationalist got me all up in arms about this issue.  (RED)TM herring ‘Capitalism failing to help the world’s poorest people AGAIN then, Bono?’ Red faces all round, report Corporate Watch, at the revelation that Bono’s celebrity-backed ‘Product Red’ campaign spent $100 million on promotion and only brought in $18 million for charity … Continue reading

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the stories you never heard about in 2007

Every year for a while now Medecins Sans Frontiere has been putting out their own “Top Ten” list.  It’s the top ten most under-reported stories of each year.  Check out for the original article.  Reuters alertnet also has a link to the article and an article of their own on the phenomenon. The … Continue reading