About Millet

Where we lived in Cameroon, millet is people’s daily grain.  Most of the varieties they eat are actually sorghum.  It’s a highly nutritious grain originally from Africa.

We try to eat local, fresh, seasonal, home-made foods whenever possible.  I work extra hard to make foods that are low on the Glycemic Index because of some health issues.  We cook and make things at home to save money and to lower the amount of artificial flavors and chemicals.  We have culinary roots from the Pacific Northwest of the the USA, the eastern mountains of Germany, and have lived in the mountains, the jungle, and the Sahel zone of West Africa.  Without ever having lived there, we especially love Mexican, Indian, and Chinese cuisine.

Cookbooks that have been highly influential to me:

More with Less: A Mennonite Community Cookbook

Sundays at Moosewood; their international cookbook

Mastering the Art of French cooking, by Julia Child

The Wycliffe Cookbook;

The Cooking Light seasonal cookbook

Ina Garten’s entertaining cookbook

Daily Millet

Give Us This Day our Daily Bread


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