Your Love is Extravagant

I was just getting a shirt out of my closet. As I pulled the shirt out, it yanked a small box over the edge of the closet and a tiny glass bottle fell to the tile floor. It instantly smashed all across the hard surface and the fragrance filled my nose before I could even lean over. It had just been a tiny bottle of perfume, maybe only half an ounce. But in the warm air here in Maroua, the smell was everywhere.

As I knelt to clean up, I realized the song playing on my computer was “Your Love is Extravagant,” by Casting Crowns. Instantly a scene rushed to my mind, clearer than it had ever been. A woman, bent over like I was now. Pouring costly, extravagant perfume over the feet of her Savior. The scent must have been intoxicating, almost overpowering. The warmth in the room would have held the powerful scent in place so that no one in the room could have ignored what was happening. And yet, it was her Savior who loved her with a love more extravagant.

Your Love is Extravagant

Your friendship is intimate

I feel I’m moving to the rhythms of your grace

Your fragrance is intoxicating, in the secret place

Cause Your love is extravagant

Spread wide in the arms of Christ

Is the love that covers sin

No greater love have I ever known

You considered me a friend

Capture my heart again


One thought on “Your Love is Extravagant

  1. hi there!

    i’m also a tck and christian. i’m just interested in learning more about christian tcks. my parents weren’t missionaries, so i wonder if my experiences differ.

    do you know any links for christian tcks?

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