Arrived in Cameroon

What does it mean to come home?  People keep asking me, so, do you feel like you have come home?

I’m here.  I made it – I am back in Cameroon, working with SIL, on my own (as in, not under my parents.)

In most ways, the answer the question is Yes!  It feels like home from the minute we stepped off the airplane into the humid Yaoundé air.  The best way I can explain it is that it has engaged all of my senses.  The air smells different, and you have all the smells of people, food cooking, and occasionally the smell of garbage coming up from the sewers on the sides of the road.  The tastes – beignets (small donuts), pineapple, fufu and njama-njama, foleree, and plantains.  The sounds of taxis beeping, the melange of different languages.  The gritty texture of dusty surfaces and cars, and the slip-sliding mud of paths after it rains.

In most places that I have been so far, I am either “Scott and Ruthie’s daughter,” or “Moses and Miriam’s sister.”  It’s strange that the rest of my family had their life here, all without me.  But it’s also nice to be known, in that way.  I feel connected to them every day, as I meet people who knew and loved them.

Today I woke up early so that I could go over and give the chapel message at my old school, Rain Forest International School.  It’s moved 6 kilometres away from where it used to be located, so it was strange, (but amazing) to see all the work that has been done.  The whole school is adjusting to the new location and buildings, but I have to say it looks like it’s running smoothly!  Then I was able to have a meeting with my new boss, it was great to finally get down to defining and shaping what I will be doing here.  More to come…


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