travelling post

When I picked a name for this blog I was identifying myself with the 40 million nomads in the world, according to Wikipedia.  I’ve been living out of a suitcase since last September when I moved out of my house on Flanders street.  I figure that means I’ve saved a little over $2,800 already, just in rent.

But it can be an exhausting way to live as I look forward to more of the same.  I will continue to travel from now until October next year.  Hopefully at that point I will be in Northern Cameroon looking for an apartment to rent again.  That’s slightly over 2 years of travel between departure and destination.

But the upside is the actual traveling part.  Even without money for “tourism,” you can see so much.

The Interstate-5 corridor?  It’s like my little time-machine.  When I climb into the Buick and drive between Sacramento and Portland, it’s like going back in time 2 months!  Portland weather seems to be consistently behind Sacramento, so when I drive north I get the sensation that I’m going back in time, as the trees get taller and the grass grows greener.  (No, really, it does!)

Placerville is so beautiful right now that when I visited I went outside on the deck to read and was distracted from my book.  Now, that doesn’t happen easily.  Especially not when I’m reading my new book on the history of Arabic script calligraphy.  Placerville always makes me feel like I’m in an old Western anyway, like I should be running through a field with flowers in my hair. Michael Landon never appears.

I spent a few gloriously sunny hot days in Lodi, California (the Zinfandel capital of the world!)  I have never eaten such sweet strawberries in my life.  I didn’t know strawberries could taste like that!  Did everyone else know?  Was this a giant plot by the people of Lodi to keep all the good strawberries to themselves?  It’s enough to make a girl go all conspiracy-theory.  I find myself regarding strawberries in general much more favorably now that I’ve had the good fortune to encounter the Lodi strawberry.  Between strawberries and Robert Mondavi’s zinfandels you would think these people would be serious hedonists.  But the people I met were the good strong backbones-of-society people.  One of the older ladies even gave me her meatgrinder!  A what-grinder, do you say?  Yes, it’s a simple yet heavy metal contraption where by the sweat of your arm you put raw meat in one side and it comes out of little holes in the other.  Very useful for making hamburgers.  Or tacos.  Or chili.  Mmm… tacos.

Okay, back from my taco break!  I also took a break from California and spent a week up in Portland.  (But right now I’m in Elk Grove, California.)  I’ve got 3 short weeks before starting classes in Canada this summer.  Yay linguistics!


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