just the car kind, not the mental kind.

But seriously, I did have to get my car fixed on my drive down from Portland  to Placerville, CA.  I left at six in the morning because I was trying to make it to Placerville in time to have dinner with the pastor’s family.  I was about 10 minutes from Cottage Grove when my check gauges light came on.  I got gas in Cottage Grove and checked my oil but that was fine.  The nearest town with a Jiffy Lube (where I can get liquids topped off for free) was Grant’s Pass.  Well by the time I got to Grant’s Pass the “Service Engine Soon,” light had also come on intermittently.

As I drove around desperately looking for a Jiffy Lube, I saw a Buick dealership!  That was such a blessing, because I have a 1993 Buick Regal.  I knew if there was anything seriously wrong, they were more likely to have the parts than just some random mechanic’s.  And what do you know, my water pump had cracked!  Thankfully they had a part on hand I was able to get the water pump replaced before any damage had been done.  I was on the road again in 2.5 hours and I made it to Placerville late but before dark.  I “shared” at a missions prayer group that night and crashed by 11 p.m.  Just one of those days I guess.


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