Cuban birthday goodness

I celebrated my birthday with my family for the first time in 4 years, what a treat!  We went out to my favorite restaurant in Portland, Pambiche, on the corner of 28th and Glisan.  It’s vintage Portland, we sat at a table outside under heat lamps in a building that’s painted vibrant pink, teal and yellow.  It’s next door to a laundromat, around the corner from a velvet art museam, and across the street from Plaid Pantry and Lucky’s Bar.  Pambiche is great for breakfast with omelets that have chorizo and peppers.  Their happy hour is great for prices on all the little appetizers of fried green plantains, sweet plantains, empanadas and little croquetas.  The names of all the dishes are in Spanish but they do a good job of explaining what the dishes are in English.

But I have to say the highlight of Pambiche for me is the dessert menu.  The owner was originally a pastry chef I believe, and so the desserts are highlighted in a glass pastry case so you can go and pick out what you want.  Then a cup of Cafe Cubano or Cafe Colada, or a cappucino makes a perfect contrast to the sweet desserts.  Here’s what we enjoyed on Saturday night:

Guava cheesecake:img_2591

Tres Leches:


and the funniest dessert I’ve seen in a long time was what my sister ordered.  Yes, everything you see is edible – the cigar is dark chocolate around a chocolate ganache and dusted with a little cinnamom to look aged.  The end of the cigar and around the plate they somehow made coconut look like ashes.  And the ashtray is filed with a strawberry sauce.  Yum!!




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