Useful websites

I have an overactive bookmark folder that has 10 folders with subfolders.  Keeping track of websites is difficult, but here’s a few of the best.

World Nomads

Great travel advice, and their SafetyHub blog has good health information.  In a similar vein, at The Red Cross Store there’s great first aid kits.  That particular one was recommended as the minimum to carry around where I’m going to be travelling in Cameroon.

The Universal Packing List How fun is this?  You enter in your info and it spits out a customized packing list.

Geez Magazine‘s tagline reads “holy mischief in an age of fast faith.”  Some of their stuff makes me roll my eyes but it’s often thought-provoking as well.

These Numbers Have Faces is an organization I heard about through Imago Dei Community that does community development with youth in South Africa through soccer and traditional dance programs.  Their approach is very fresh and creative without overloading you with information, but best of all they focus on the people not the program.

Global Voices is a way to get world news that doesn’t rely on traditional journalism.  Instead most of the contributors are local bloggers.  You’ll get a different perspective by reading from the eyes of the participant instead of the observer.

But saving the best for last, you definitely need to check out Scripture Engagement.  There’s a lot to explore there but it all focuses on one question.  How can we know God and have a relationship with Him unless we hear and know His words to us?  Twenty-five agencies got together to share information and resources on how we can encounter God through His Word.  Under the “Events and Training” tab you can even find the program where I’ll be studying Scripture Engagement this summer in Canada.


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