Sick in Stockton

I’ve been fighting a cold for a week now – I came down with a fever Wednesday night.   Friday I drove down from Portland to Stockton with my Dad.  We stayed with a gracious host from the church in Stockton where we spoke on Sunday.  By Sunday night neither of us were feeling well but we decided to try a little adventuring in downtown Stockton.  We ended up watching Slumdog Millionaire.  Despite the fact that the entire movie is Indian (no American characters or settings) the movie is a classic rags-to-riches, boy-meet-girl love story! It’s really a well-crafted story and worth seeing.  Since Monday we’ve been staying in a cottage in Carmichael (suburb of Sacrament0.)  I had tons of plans of people to see and things to get done, but instead I’ve spent most of the day sleeping and coughing.  I have not been this sick in years and there’s no such time as a good time to be sick.  But still, I keep thinking this should be over soon.

I do have some exciting news – I was officially accepted at Trinity Western University for the Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics and Exegesis.  This summer I’m hoping to take a semester’s worth of classes in 9 weeks, it’s a great program.  Here’s the link to the program:


They have fun courses in things like Articulatory Phonetics and Principles of Translation.


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