Joyfully entering into the Advent Conspiracy

After a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family, I’m also thinking about the many wonderful friends that God brought into my life over the years.  It seems I am always leaving new friends behind wherever I go!  I wish I could bring you all along with me but for now I can only keep following Jesus and take the next step.  But this quote is for you:

The simplicity of friendship is this: that I know you are there that somewhere on this crowded planet you and I stand together, if only in a moment of thought.  And for those moments and what they bring to me, the world is less empty.

Now we’re entering into the Christmas season where hopefully we can all take a few extra hours and days to spend time and effort to be together.  Yesterday at church (Imago Dei Community) we kicked off the Advent Conspiracy.  The main focus for me this Advent will be spending time, instead of money on gifts, with those I can be with this year.  This will most likely be my last Christmas in the U.S. for a few years and I want to enjoy celebrating the incarnation of Christ.  The best way I can do that is to spend time with the people through whom God is showing Himself true in my life.


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