on the road again

This journeying girl is taking to the highways again.  She’s packing her bags: sunscreen? check. running shoes? check.  sunglasses? check.  She’s saying goodbye to some of her favorite places, things, and people in Portland — at least for a little while.  Goodbye Bipartisan cafe!  Goodbye Powells!  Goodbye Gold Door!  Goodbye Academy Theater!

But the journeying girl isn’t lost.  She’s not really wandering.  She likes this definition: (from

“passage or progress from one stage to another: the journey to success”

She’s taking the chance to journey to California-land where she may encounter excessive sunshine, large shopping malls and people used by God for great purposes.  She’ll be there for quite a while but is happy to write and phone and skype and facebook and text message in order to keep in touch.  She believes that the body of Christ is pretty big, and knows that some of you are in Portland, and some of you are in N Carolina, and some of you are in Michigan, and some of you are in Washington.  She misses you all!


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