Back in action

A combination of no internet + overtime at work + my computer crashing have put this blog out of commission for about a month.  Sorry!  But thanks to Apple Care I am up and running again.  I love that I didn’t have to pay anything to get my computer fixed.  It’s just the way it should be.  It’s also nice because I have a new trackpad and keyboard replaced for free as well.

In the meantime I am almost done with the 6th season of Buffy TVS, I made hashbrowns for the first time, and I made 47$ selling books at Powell’s.  I also went through my closet and simplified.  I took a bunch of clothes to GoodWill that I probably wouldn’t wear again before I leave for Cameroon.  I also officially completed my Wycliffe application, sent it in… so I’m on my way.  Not tomorrow or anything but this will probably be my last spring in Portland.

So I’m looking around and trying to enjoy all the “last times” here.  Last crazy sunny but cold February, last depressing return of the incessant rain after the hope of sunshine.  Last primroses and daffodils popping out of the cold dirt.  Last baby blooms of cherry trees along Glisan street.

A big hurrah for the first day of Spring tomorrow!


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