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2007 summarized

Normally people do this at the end of the year.  But I saved it and I want to look back on last year now that I’ve had some time to think about it.

last year’s….

Daily joy: skype, making communicating with my family cheaper
: graduating from college
Greatest expectation: deciding, at least provisionally, what I’m doing with my life
Greatest disappointment: my grandpa’s death 4 days before my graduation
Greatest joy: walking closer with my Lord into the path he has for me
Greatest triumph: getting a “real job” in the field I studied in college
Greatest “I wish more had happened this year”: I thought I would be accepted by Wycliffe Bible Translators by this point but I haven’t finished the application
Most wonderful weekend: probably the precious week that I had with my mom when she came back for my graduation, we visited Washington Park, the rose gardens, the arboretum
Ponder: where will I be living 3 months from now?
Relief: quitting my waitressing job
Best new contact: my new roomate, Amy
Happening: Kristy’s wedding
Project: job applications became like a craft to me
Trip: Spain, Morocco, Paris
Book: Mountains Beyond Mountains – Tracy Kidder
Purchase: my brandnew Chacos that I got for 15$
Restaurant: the little Cuban place on Glisan, Pambiche!
Most difficult: finding time to keep up with people
TV show: House
Best party: Kristy’s wedding at the Edgefield
Film: probably Darjeeling Limited or Live Free or Die Hard


One thought on “2007 summarized

  1. well I’m sure Wycliffe would like you to turn in your application….we (I’m a member) sure have a lot of needs for translators and support workers. It’s never to late.


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