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fighting in Chad

According to the AP and President Deby, Chadian soldiers pushed back the attacks on the palace in the capital city, N’djamena.  However, the latest information I could find reported was at least 8-9 hours ago.  The New York Times is just reporting that the fighting continues for the second day.  I also think that it is slanted heavily towards the current president, but it’s really not possible to have any reporting coming from the side of the rebels at this point.

Governments and the U.N. already started pointing fingers about who “started” this,  or at least asking the question who armed them.  It may lead to a war of some kind between Chad and Sudan if if Idris Deby, the current president of Chad, continues to maintain that the government of Sudan armed the rebels.

 Thousands of Chadians are fleeing over the border into Kousseri in Cameroon, from Chad, according to the AP and New York Times.  The French government has about 1,500 soldiers there but so far they haven’t been injured or, allegedly, been involved in the combat.  The French did fly out about 500 expatriats from the country today.

 For those of you who don’t know, my family isn’t in any danger here, I haven’t heard of any reason why the violence should spill deep into Cameroon.  My mom’s been trained as a peer responder to help with people who have been traumatized.  She says they may see up to 50 people in their community who are being evacuated right now.

Please take some time to pray for the country and the people of Chad.


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