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Africa Cup of Nations started today

Cameroon soccer rocks the Earth  (yeah it does!)

I somehow missed this story at the AGU last week. Garrett Euler, a graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis, presented work on imaging the Earth’s interior through a chain of seismometers in the African nation of Cameroon. But in early 2006, he found a series of strange squiggles on his traces as the same signal showed up on detectors across the country at the same time.

Euler’s nonseismologist girlfriend solved the mystery with a Google search combining Cameroon and one of the dates of the squiggles. “The first thing that came up was a soccer match,” says Euler. Then the light bulb went on: “Every city we had a seismometer in was going crazy at a goal.” The Cameroon Lions football team scored eight goals in the African Cup of Nations, each of which triggered a countrywide “footquake” as TV-watching fans jumped and stomped for joy. The more crucial the goal, the stronger the footquake.

– via Science magazine.

That’s how we do!  Allez les Lions Indomptable. 

The first big game will be Tuesday v. Egypt.


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