do you wiiChurch or I-Church?

The Wii is pretty much the official gimme-gift of Christmas this year.  It’s selling like heroin on Craigslist and everyone wants one.  And the i-pod is, well, it’s the superfluous technology that Steve Jobs managed to convince everyone that they need. 

 It made me think about how I approach church.  Do I go to church with an I-Church mentality?  Do I walk into a building and think of it as a convenient technology that allows me to listen to what I want, when I want?  It’s easy to tune-in when they’re playing a song I like and then tune out when it’s a boring podcast.  And it’s so tempting to shuffle between churches til I find something I like.  When I sit in my comfortable chair do I put headphones in my ears that tell everyone else I’m only there for the sermon?

Or do I think of it as we-church?  We are the body.  Do I have the courage to go wireless.  To UNplug.  To participate instead of absorb entertainment.  I want to be a part of something bigger than myself.


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