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the stories you never heard about in 2007

Every year for a while now Medecins Sans Frontiere has been putting out their own “Top Ten” list.  It’s the top ten most under-reported stories of each year.  Check out for the original article.  Reuters alertnet also has a link to the article and an article of their own on the phenomenon.

The top three of the bottom 10 are

 – political and economic problems that sparked a health-care crisis in Zimbabwe

-drug-resistant Tuberculosis is spreading as the new drugs for Tuberculosis go untested

-more ready-to-use food (RUF) is a crucial step for reducing childhood malnutrition.

Of course the top-10 story that hit home was the violence in CAR that is driving 300,000 refugees into Cameroon.  As I make my final purchases for Christmas I want to keep in mind these forgotten stories.  And especially as a part of the big bad media wolf I have to ask myself how I can be a part of changing the world.  How can we change the way that we look at crisis?  How can we remember that each and every person is created by God?


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