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new job and new twist to the story

One of the hardest things about your own story is that you never know where to start.  There’s no real “end” to your own story, naturally, and life has a way of continually coming at you.  Just when you think you have a break, a resting space, it’s over before you’ve had time to enjoy it.

So far that pretty well describes the month of October for me.  It started small on the night of a wedding, where I met someone who might give me a chance at getting into an actual journalism job.  Then that turned into a resume-sending.  Then THAT turned into a phone interview, which in turn became a full-blown job interview, ending in, “we can’t officially offer you the job until the background check goes through, but you’re our top pick.”  Well, today I mailed in my acceptance letter for the job. 

But it makes everything really complicated.  This would be my first “real” job – doing what I want to be doing, for a real company that’s competitive in the media industry.  I’m not sure how much I can talk about it for now, just because I’ve only been to the station once.  But it’s working at a local tv station for the evening news broadcast.  My title is “news writer,” which means I collect the story, put it together and coordinate video and graphics.  Real behind-the-scenes sort of stuff, working with the breaking news in Portland.

 Dreamjob!  Mostly, anyway.  It’s not full-time, and it means I’ll still be working nights and weekends.  In the journalism world, though, that is perfectly normal.

 So the confusing part comes in with how this works into my plan to return to C. in June-ish.  I’m still filling out the application with W., with plans of going to training camp in Orlando in January.  In fact, I even cleared that with my new employer.  But it does present the question of whether I should, perhaps, stay a year at this job, so that I really get the most out of the experience.  Or would that be a distraction from what I really am meant to do with my life?  Is this job just a convenient side-track to what I’m supposed to be doing?  That’s where it gets complicated.


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