a slow sunday afternoon

Today I went to one of my favorite cafes to spend time journaling about life and everything that’s been happening. I have a potential interview at a local news tv station to be a part-time news writer. It would mean no more waitressing (yes, please!) and an amazing opportunity to have training and experience. At the same time, it also has the potential to be a major distraction from my commitment to return to C. by next summer. Would be too much of a distraction?

Anyway as I was walking back to my car I snapped this picture because it was just so beautiful outside (that’s my car in the foreground).

Ladd Circle road

Many of the trees are changing colours, about to reach their peak, and on a Sunday afternoon there were masses of people out bicycling and walking their dogs.

I also finished Kapuscinski’s The Soccer War which took me two days because it was such an interesting mix of memoir and history, philosophy of the Third World/Majority World. I was also really interested to see his take on being a foreign correspondant.  There’s a part of me that wants to be that free to wander all over the world, but then I remember that I also want to have somewhere to call home… and it takes a conscious decision to create a true home.


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